How To Get The Best Value
From A High School Online Diploma

Only one online high school anyone would recommendWhen seeking an online high school diploma, there are only a few major requirements to consider when choosing the best high school for the money.

The institution must be regionally accredited to grant a legitimate diploma. It needs to be a diploma that is readily recognized and accepted at colleges and universities, by the NCAA, by employers, law enforcement, and the military, among others. Unfortunately so many high school online programs offer all sorts of certification credentials but not regional accreditation.
The school must provide everything the student needs in one package at one monthly fee, preferably with no contracts and no extra charges. This package must include 21st Century technology to not only guide the student but to keep the student on track to graduation. Money spent on partial completion is money wasted.
For an online teaching institution to stick out, it needs to assign each student a student services coordinator who becomes the student's sidekick.
Also, the online high school must accept a student's previous credits from public schools and from homeschooling. And of course for individual courses, the online school must not only be able to transfer credits back to schools, but guarantee those credits will be accepted at other schools.

There is of course the requirement that to get the best online high school experience, the student must apply himself or herself. But this discussion is principally about the school itself.

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The Groups Who Seek An Online High School Diploma

Distance learning for adults and homeschoolingAdult people take high school online classes for various reasons. They probably never finished their schooling and in this highly competitive environment find themselves handicapped when employers demand to see a high school diploma. Even a job advancement may require this diploma.

Online students could also be people living abroad who do not have access to an American campus. They may be, for example, American dependents in a military family or someone working abroad. Others are foreign nationals who want admission to a U.S. college or university but need an American high school diploma. The only way for them to obtain one is online.

A big and growing reason a student needs a high school online diploma is because of parents homeschooling their children. They use the online school's curriculum, staff, and resources not only as a teaching aide but also to have the school grant the diploma. In some cases parents enroll their children in online summer courses and have the credits transferred back to the child's school.

Homeschooling using an online high school curriculumWisely, parents who enroll their children in high school online courses are relieved from having to grade the student's work, file progress reports, or perform the required record-keeping. There is an in-depth analysis on homeschooling further down.

Adults Who Need A High School Diploma Online

Adults without a high school diploma find themselves handicapped in various ways. Some of the reasons they need a diploma are:

  • To be admitted into a university or college, including NCAA institutions.
  • To be accepted into a technical or career school.
  • To find it easier to get job.
  • To move up to a better job or position.
  • To get higher pay on the job. The average high school graduate earns approximately $717 per month more than someone who does not have that diploma.
  • To join the military or a police force.

An online high school diploma from anywhereThere are huge benefits to be derived from studying online, such as being able to study from anywhere in the world.

There are also pitfalls from unscrupulous or less-than-legitimate online schools that offer either fake diplomas or certificates that are not readily accepted by colleges and universities. Employers are getting wise to these types of diplomas. For the student, it's a huge waste of money.

How To Find The Best High School Online Programs

There is only one online high school to recommendFirst of all, as a gauge of school quality, there should be an optional path available for an advanced college prep diploma. This type of diploma meets or exceeds all State education standards for acceptance at all colleges and universities.

Some students don't need this, but it's a valid gauge as far as school quality.

To keep student motivation high, there needs to be 21st Century online technology and not merely a school blog.


Online videos, web cams, and student interactionFrom the online high school experiences of online students, it's been well established that a student participating actively during online classes not only makes better use of time but finds it more enjoyable to apply his or her creativity in resolving problems. It's self-motivation on steroids and it makes it easier to stay the course.

To make it 'click', a student should be able to log in at his or her personalized web page, or "virtual campus". Here they need to have access to video classes, web cams, audio complements, and teacher Q&A sessions that can be downloaded, as well as class interactions and class activities, plus digital textbooks and reviews.

A student should quickly find:

  • a study plan and career guidance,
  • current assignments,
  • online textbooks,
  • course descriptions,
  • download material,
  • Q&A sessions,
  • video replays of classes,
  • teacher instructions to the student,
  • course grades and transcripts,
  • last-minute alerts and emails,
  • class activities,
  • upcoming events, and so on.

All high school textbooks are included onlineThe ideal online high school also needs to provide digital textbooks from established education publishers (not the school's self-published textbooks) and everything the student is going to need. There shouldn't be extra school fees or student expenses for these materials and supplements.

Something nifty to have is to be allowed to skip right away to the next assignment after having completed a lesson. This way, a student completes the courses as fast as possible. But if a student should need more time for special circumstances, then an extension past the normal semester should be available.

All of these features mentioned above make up the trademark of the ideal high school online programs.

The One Thing An Online High School Must Have

An assigned student services coordinatorVery importantly, the school needs to assign the student a student services coordinator. This is the person who the student can contact daily to receive quick answers. This is personalized attention at its best.

The student needs to have someone readily available to answer questions regarding assignments, finding help on difficult parts of a lesson, making the best use of the school's online resources, about billing, getting grades and transcripts, and so on.

Continuous online high school motivation is essentialOne important underlying aspect about having a student services coordinator assigned to each student is the motivation factor. Having someone at the school who is genuinely attentive and who is concerned about the student's progress becomes remarkably important.

It is an essential component for keeping the student on course toward graduation and a diploma. The thing is, most online high schools in a rush to meet demand are not set up this way.

every student has an assigned staff member


The High School Online Classes Need To Be Affordable

Cost of an online education is importantIt's best if there are no contracts. Some online schools charge tuition for an entire school year, whether the student is able to complete the year or not. It is far better to be able to pay only one fixed fee per month with no contracts.

Having paid for a contract that the student can't finish because of personal circumstances is the same as having nothing. It's a waste of money. It's far better to pay monthly installments with no contracts so that the student can pick up later wherever he or she left off.

And the school should allow the student to take more than one course at a time, something like 4 to 6 courses. With a fixed monthly fee, this helps bring down the cost of tuition.

How much should a student pay for tuition? Only enough to have the school provide an accredited high school diploma while still being able to provide the best online learning environment with multiple resources, a personal student services coordinator who takes an interest in the student, and a responsive staff.

A cheap online high school is a waste of moneyFinding the cheapest school is a waste of money because the student becomes disillusioned and drops out. Also, the school may not be fully accredited to grant a recognized and easily-acceptable diploma.

Finding the most expensive online schools can also be a waste of money because of overkill, especially if it involves a long-term contract. The student needs only to find a school with regional accreditation and 21st Century school resources to keep the student on track. And the school should allow the student to take more than one course at a time.

Other Important Things To Consider

An online high school can be funOne added feature that an online school must have is that it must allow both home schooled and public school students to transfer their credits to the online school. The online school also needs to guarantee the student that the online credits are transferable back to the student's school.

This means of course that the school is willing to allow a student to take individual courses. Some students only take high school online summer courses to recover lost school credits due to illness, extracurricular activities, or other reasons.

And finally, the school should work on a year-round calendar so students may enroll and complete coursework at their own pace, whether at home or wherever they may be in the world.

In summary, the entire program needs to be a unique learning experience that is customized to fit the student rather than having the student fit a program. Each student must have the opportunity to choose their particular goals based upon their reasons for getting a high school diploma online and how to make it happen.

Tiger Graduate recommends only one online high schoolOnline high school live supportHere's a great offer for you. Visit the online high school that I highly recommend and click on the "Live Support Online" button. Have a text chat with an actual staff member. This is not a sales person.

Gather all the questions you have about earning an online diploma. Or it could be about taking individual courses to be transferred back to your school. Take notes from this article to expand your questions. Have this text chat and get a feel for the school. Think of what you have to look forward to. Visit the school now.

Be sure to fill out the no-obligation Contact Us form. HINT: Be sure to fill out the Contact Us form immediately. This shows that you are genuinely interested in getting your high school diploma so you get the extra attention. You also get the additional information you need to compare this school with other online high school programs. Tell them Steffi Egger sent you.

Straight Talk About Online High School Accreditation

To be really be sure that an online diploma is well-received and accepted at colleges and universities, or by an employer, or by the military and police forces, one only needs to verify the school's accreditation.

Regardless of what one sees on the Internet, there's only a handful of online high schools fully accredited to grant a legitimate diploma. There are even less of these high school online programs with NCAA approval.

SACS regional accreditation is essential(SACS) Southern Association of Colleges & Schools which is the highest level of accreditation not only for high schools but also for colleges and universities. This is one of six agencies recognized by the U.S. Department of Education as a regional accrediting agency. Nothing makes more sense than to study at an online school that is accredited by one of the same organizations that monitor public schools and colleges.

CASI accreditation is associated with AdvancED(CASI) Schools Council on Accreditation and School Improvement, an accrediting division of AdvancED. Some people who review online schools insist this is the only accreditation a student needs to verify.

Athletic students need NCAA approval in their school(NCAA) National Collegiate Athletic Association - This is the cherry-on-top medal of accreditation. For athletic online students, it means the school meets college athletic eligibility requirements and that their diploma is accepted at all NCAA colleges and universities. Very few online high schools get this far.

Parents Who Are Homeschooling

Parents doing homeschooling need guidanceThere is a growing trend of parents homeschooling their children. As proof of this, online forums and local parent groups keep springing up just for the purpose of exchanging homeschooling ideas.

Parents may go all the way and get their children a high school online diploma, or they may prefer to have their child take a few courses online. The reasons for this may be that:

  • They feel the local school curriculum is not up to snuff.
  • Their child can better prepare for college with advanced online courses.
  • Their child needs extra time to grasp a class subject.
  • Bullying and the school environment is not suitable for their child.
  • Health issues prevent the student from attending school daily.
  • Their child as a professional performer or athlete who trains or travels extensively needs world-wide access to an online high school.
  • Behavioral issues caused expulsion from school.

The Fears And Challenges Of Homeschooling

There is always a measure of fear and hesitation among parents when attempting to start a homeschooling program. They have legitimate concerns and challenges.

What Curriculum To Follow. What courses and classes does the State board of education require before a high school can receive a transcript and grant a diploma? Where can a parent find the lesson plans for the school grade? How will the student's work be graded so that a parent knows that the assignment qualifies for approval? Will a child have to return to public school because of a lax homeschooling program?

Burning the midnight oil just to keep upHow To Keep Records. Without accurate records of completion of homework, projects, and reading assignments, it's nearly impossible to create a transcript that a college or university will accept. Just having a high school grant the diploma could become a challenge. A parent may also be asked for a Home School Policy.

How To Stay Motivated. In time, student motivation falls off and assignments are not completed. There always seems to be time later to catch up. And the time required to finish a program begins to take longer and longer. Lack of motivation affects both parents and students. How does a parent find the self-motivation to keep going when they discover they don't have the time necessary for homeschooling?

The Best Solution To Homeschooling

Homeschooling can easily be a cinchThe thing is, by having the student enrolled at an accredited online high school, all fears and challenges disappear. This is by far the easy solution to homeschooling.

A parent quickly discovers that the school itself grants the high school diploma. There is no longer a need to grade assignments, file progress reports, or prepare transcripts.

The online curriculum becomes an excellent homeschooling guide and foundation to follow from grade to grade. To make things easier, all the 24/7 online digital resources become a robotic aide for parents.

If it's one of the better online high schools that assigns the student a student services coordinator, then the parent has a very qualified and competent student aide on hand. The parent doesn't need to stay continually motivated or find the time to do the homeschooling. In fact, the parent becomes more of a mentor to the child.

A parent needs to insure a quality home educationFor a homeschooling parent there is the additional peace of mind knowing that all required record-keeping is going to be handled properly. Transcripts are always readily available. The school takes care of all administrative work including in-house record keeping, grading, and monthly progress reports.

For reason explained above, the parent needs to ascertain that the online school is accredited by SACS, CASI and CITA. Also and if applicable, the parent should ask about an advanced college prep diploma which is geared to meet the admission requirements of colleges and universities.

Take the homeschooling challengeFind out what is in store about homeschoolingIf you're interested in homeschooling for a high school diploma, here's a great offer for you. Visit this online school that I highly recommend. Click on the "Homeschool" tab and then on the "Parents" tab. This gives you detailed information on homeschooling. Then click the "Live Support Online" button to have a text chat with an actual staff member. This is not a sales person.

Chat with an online high school staff memberGather all the questions you have about your child earning an online diploma. Or it could be about individual courses that you want the credit to be transferred back to your child's school. Take notes from this article to expand your questions. Have this text chat and get a feel for the school. In this competitive world, you owe your child the best possible education. This school will surprise you.

Be sure to fill out the no-obligation Contact Us form. HINT: Be sure to fill out the Contact Us form immediately. This shows that you are genuinely interested in getting your high school diploma so you get the extra attention. You also get the additional information you need to compare this school with other online high school programs. Tell them Steffi Egger sent you.

Individual High School Course Accreditation

Course credits are easily trasferred back to any schoolFor anyone in school wanting to take individual high school online courses, then the online school must insure through the student school's counselor that the course credit will be accepted when the credit is transferred back to the student's school. This is not the parent's job; it's the online school's responsibility. The student can then graduate with his or her school class.

A student may choose individual courses:

  • To recover a failing class, either for the semester or for the full year.
  • To catch up from being behind in credits for the class level.
  • To earn early graduation. The student wants to learn fast and not be slowed down by the classroom pace.
  • To take courses or Advanced Program classes that the student needs for college.
  • To be allowed more time than is allowed in a classroom to work through material.
  • To make up missed classes because of illness or health problems.
  • To get away from a school environment that is unacceptable.
  • To resolve scheduling conflicts because the student is an athlete or is involved in extracurricular activities.
  • To benefit from a more personalized approach to learning and not have to compete with a class.

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About High School Diploma Mills

Fake high school diplomasEmployers are getting wise to fake, second-rate, and on-demand diplomas. Before making a money investment on an online school diploma and a time commitment to studying, one needs to be aware of what is out there.

  • Some online schools are certified by their State to their own State's standards, but this is not the same as regional accreditation from organizations certified by the U.S. Department of Education.
  • Some school web sites talk about a diploma, but don't actually promise to grant that diploma upon course completion. They may be expecting that the local high school will grant the student a diploma from a transcript.
  • Being licensed, notarized, verified or approved is not the same as being accredited.
  • Many online schools pretend to be accredited using second-class private rating organizations not necessarily approved by the U.S. Department of Education.
  • Some online schools fake a GED as a so-called "regular diploma" (online GED) for a regionally accredited high school diploma.

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